KCET Miniseries on Angels Flight and Other Incline Railways

I’ve had the privilege of writing and directing a miniseries for KCET.org about the incline railways of Los Angeles history. Angels Flight is an L.A. landmark, but many Southern Californians are not aware of the other, lesser-known funiculars that once scaled steep slopes across the region. The first episode looks at Angels Flight and its forgotten downtown sibling, Court Flight. Future episodes explore the incline railways of Mt. Washington, Catalina Island, and the San Gabriel Mountains.

More than most of my projects, this video represents a collaborative effort, and the product you see here is the work of an amazing team. Henry Cram is a patient editor who also made archival still photos come alive through animation. The video benefits from cinematographer Nick Bupp’s eye and Andy Theiss’ audio expertise. Zach Behrens and the folks at KCET provided invaluable production support. And of course the archivists, librarians, and others who appear in front of the camera contributed their personality and expertise.

Episode Two drops this Thursday, July 11. Stay tuned for more; we’ve set a goal of one new episode per month.