On the Radio

The completion of the Los Angeles Aqueduct 100 years ago this month forever changed the course of the city’s history. But other projects did, too. On November 5, I spoke with Alex Cohen of KPCC’s Take Two about four more civic projects that transformed Los Angeles–the subject of my article in the November 2013 issue of Los Angeles Magazine. Listen here.

And while we’re on the subject (radio), tune into KNX 1070 on December 13. I’ll be featured in the station’s On Your Corner segment about the origins of West Hollywood as Sherman, a streetcar suburb that sprang from the lemon groves of the Cahuenga Valley.

Photo: Flickr user chrissam42. Used under a Creative Commons license.

Los Angeles From the Air, 1887 vs. 2013

Floating some 9,000 feet above the city in a hot-air balloon in 1887, Edwin H. Husher took what may be the first aerial photo of Los Angeles. (I tell the full story behind this historic image and its creation over at Los Angeles Magazine.)

After seeing the photo, The Atlantic‘s Alexis Madrigal had a great idea: why not overlay the aerial image onto a present-day map of the city? My Photoshop skills were not quite up to the task, but I was able to simulate the same view today using Google Earth. Sharp eyes will notice that the perspective is not exactly the same—with altitude, location, and tilt, there were simply too many variables—but it is fun to compare how the city looked in 1887, when roughly 20,000 people called it home, to the metropolis of nearly 4 million people today.

The Los Angeles River suffers the most dramatic change. In the earlier image, the river’s wide, sandy wash dominates the landscape. By 2013, the river has been reduced to a concrete flood channel, fading into the surrounding industrial development.

Los Angeles from a balloon, 1887. Courtesy of the Photo Collection - Los Angeles Public Library.
Los Angeles from a balloon, 1887. Courtesy of the Photo Collection – Los Angeles Public Library.
Roughly the same view in 2013. Imagery courtesy of Google Earth.
Roughly the same view in 2013. Satellite imagery courtesy of Google Earth.

I’m in the June 2013 issue of Los Angeles Magazine


The June 2013 issue of Los Angeles Magazine has hit newsstands, and I’m proud to announce that inside you’ll find two contributions by yours truly. On page 34, I explain what’s changed at Echo Park Lake after a multi-year renovation. (Note that at press time, the reopening date was mid-May. We’re still looking forward to the reopening, as the city subsequently pushed the date back to June 15.)

I also have a small story on pages 104-05, inside the Seth Rogen cover package. In it, I pick five local brews worthy of a growler fill this summer. Now that was a fun piece to research.